24 Hours of Hell in Paradise 2016

Author: Mike Solis | Date: May 23, 2016

Mountain Bike Hawaii and Semi-Boneless Racing are proud to announce the  15th 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise! Hawaii's longest running 24 hour endurance race. This isn't just a race, it's a chance to get away for the weekend and recalibrate body and soul. I love to walk around camp, talking with friends, meeting new people, tasting the food and basically forgetting about real life for the day. There's no doubt that the competition is fierce, but it's muted by the spirit of Aloha that's felt when we escape our busy lives in the city and converge on the North Shore to share our passion for mountain biking.

On the morning of September 17, Hawaii’s foremost cyclists, triathletes and endurance racers along with participants from around the globe will be gearing up for a 9AM start. The 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise, Hawaii’s most challenging cycling endurance race will again be touring scenic and demanding Kaaawa Valley at historic Kualoa Ranch. The athletes as solo or teams will be rising to the challenge of how far they can push themselves for a twenty four hour period. Their goal? To win and say they have lived through 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise.

The Kaaawa Valley makes for a beautiful backdrop to the 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise

24 Hours or 6 Hours?

For 2016 we are making a big change to the race format. In previous years the 24 hour race has always been a standalone race. For 2016 we are combining the 24 Hours of Hell with the popular 6 Hours of Heck. What this means is that you'll have an opportunity to choose to race in either the 24 hour event, or the shorter 6 hour event. Not yet ready for 24 hours of riding? That's okay, register for the 6 hour event. Push yourself to the limit, then sit back, enjoy some BBQ and relax while heckling those poor suckers who signed up for the 24 hour!

The 24 hour events starts Saturday morning at 9am. The 6 hour event starts at 3pm and runs until 9pm. Camping is available for all participants of both events.

Sunsets like this are a common sight at the race, bring your camera.

The Venue - Kaaawa Valley

That's right, there are 4 A's in that six letter word. Ask a local for the correct pronunciation! The beautiful Kaaawa Valley is part of the Kualoa Ranch property on the Windward side of Oahu. It's beauty and ease of accessibility make it popular film location. Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, 50 First Dates, Godzilla, LOST and many others were all filmed in Kaaawa Valley. As you ride the race course you'll pass many famous movie sets from the last couple of decades.

The race course itself changes yearly but normally follows a counter clockwise route around the valley. You'll start out climbing a mix of fireroads and grassy hills. We throw in a couple of fun downhills in the mix. Once around the back of the valley you'll hit the long singletrack that brings you back to the start.

Remember this tree from the original Jurassic Park movie?
This is no joke, last year was by far our muddiest year yet!


This is Hawaii and there is a high probability it will rain :) In general we've had a mix of dry and wet years. Usually the days are hot and the nights experience light or medium rainfall. But... a couple of years we've had what you might call, tropical rainstorms. Last year was our muddiest year yet! 

We recommend a good solid, waterproof tent or covering. Several changes of riding gear are must, or at least some comfortable dry clothes for when you finish the race. If you have wet weather riding gear feel free to bring it. Our rain in Hawaii is a warm rain though so keep the gear light. We are so used to getting caught in tropical rainstorm, we just get soaked and keep on pedaling!


This year each rider will receive a specially made RFID chip that will attach to their helmet. Over the years we've worked hard to find a chip that works simply and accurately for the wet, muddy conditions we often have at our races in Hawaii. These new chips have worked flawlessly for us and we are excited to continue offering accurate RFID chip timing for 2016.

More Info and Registration

The race and entire weekend is such a good time. We hope to see you all out there this September! To read more regarding the rules and specifics of the race please visit the website at:

Online Registration:
Official Website: 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise - the website is currently undergoing an update, check back soon for official rules and details.

Steve Villager, last years solo men champ. Neither rain nor mud would stop this man!
If you're lucky, there will be plenty of cow pied to keep you on your toes.
Course prep is always a pleasure at the 24 hour.
Big thanks to Bike Shop Hawaii our title sponsor.
Pre-race meeting, time to get serious!

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