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Author: Mike Solis | Date: Jul 12, 2016

As an event and race organizer I understand how difficult it can be to get word out about an event. It's tough to spend days, weeks and months planning an event and then hear, "Oh, I never heard about it!" Part of my responsibility as an organizer is marketing, it's getting word out to participants about my event. I'd like to think that I can just make a post about it on Facebook and everyone will share it with friends and that's good enough. But declining numbers in cycling and other athletic events over the last several years show otherwise. With the increasing cost of renting venues and decreasing numbers of participants, we'll see less races in the future as organizers continue to lose money.

That's where Hawaii Race Calendar comes in. The calendar is an effort to help create a central location where all event organizers and all athletes can go to find out about races, events, group rides and other activities. The calendar is free to use, simple and uncomplicated and dedicated to only one purpose, promoting athletic events in Hawaii. But it will take more than just launching a new website to bridge the gap between organizers and participants, it will take the communities support of the project.

Simple and uncomplicated the Hawaii Race Calendar is dedicated to one thing, bridging the gap between organizers and participants.
Each event get it's own page containing all the important details.
In addition, each event may have a more detailed description including beautiful, full page images.

What is Hawaii Race Calendar?

The website is a simple but elegant calendar that will contain a list of upcoming athletic events. These events may be cycling, running, triathlons, SUP, surfing, sponsored or non-sponsored group rides and more. It will be free for both organizers to post their events and free for participants to use the calendar to find events. In the future if maintenance becomes time consuming I may set up a donation page or look for a sponsor, but the goal is to keep it free. 

How does it benefit participants?

Athletes will be able to rely on one central location to find out about events. No more walking into the bike shop only to find out your missed a race that weekend. All the basic, necessary information you need about an event will be included, such as the date and time, website, and registration information. You'll have the ability to share the event on Social Media right through the site as well.

How does it benefit Organizers?

It's free marketing and advertising for starters. It's the responsibility of every organizer to advertise their event. But besides Social Media many organizers aren't sure where to turn. The Hawaii Race Calendar website has been tuned for Search Engine Optimization so it will eventually rank high in search results. In addition, your event page is also fine tuned for SEO with meta keywords, description, title, image, Twitter Card, Facebook Open Graph, Google Analytics and a registered sitemap. It's likely your own event website isn't optimized as well for SEO.

In addition, for those who don't have an official website for their event can use their Hawaii Race Calendar event page as their official website. I've added the ability for organizers to create beautiful descriptions and layouts of their events on the site. If you just wish to include basic info about your event and a link to your website, that's okay. If you'd like to create a content rich page for participants that you'd like them to share with others, you can! To view a more complete event listing check out our event page for the 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise:

To add an event, download the AddEvent-HRC.docx file, complete it, and mail it back to us.

I'm an organizer, how do I add an event?

To add an event, visit the Add Event page, download the AddEvent form, fill it out and email it back to us. Please be sure to read the instructions in the document. The document is located on this page:

Is this going to work?

I certainly hope so. I've attended several meetings where event organizers on the island discussed the benefits of a centralized calendar. It's also been discussed on Social Media. I decided it was time to stop talking about it and get it done. Having said that, this is the first phase of the calendar. I'm happy to make changes and adapt the calendar to fit the needs of our local community.

The true success of the calendar will depend on the community in Hawaii. If organizers don't find it valuable and use it, it will remain empty. If it's empty participants won't ever check it. On the other hand, if organizers fill the calendar with events full of great pictures and up-to-date information, if participants check it and share events with others, if we advertise it in our local bike, running, and tri shops. Then this could be a great success. I'm obviously willing to give it a try and hope others will as well. I'm also willing to give access to others interested in helping me maintain the site.

I have questions, how do I get them answered?

Shoot me an email through the form on our contact page. When I get done riding my bike, I'll write you back:

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