Mike's 24 Hours of Hell Training Schedule

Author: Mike Solis | Date: May 15, 2017

This schedule is designed to help me prepare for long distance, mountain bike endurance races. Specifically, the 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise. Riding for 24 hours straight may sound crazy but it’s 100% possible. This year I wanted to make my training program available to others who may wish to participate and train with me. This schedule is intended to break me in to longer and longer rides over a several months period.

While participating on these rides I’ll be figuring out what foods my bodies likes or dislikes when pushing it to the limits. I’ll experience aches and pains I don’t normally on a ‘regular’ ride, and how to deal with them mentally and physically. And most important, I’ll learn to develop the mental stubbornness required to keep pedaling when both mind and body are telling me to just quit and go home.

If you decide to participate, please come prepared with food and water. For the longer rides (5-7 hours) bring extra food and water to keep in your car. The goal is to ride with as much down time as possible. I’ll stop for food about every hour. These stops will be brief, not intended for rest but to quickly refuel. Speed is not my goal. The pace I’ll keep is likely to be slower than you are accustomed to. I’m trying to ride for as long as possible, not as fast as possible!

If you can join me for every ride, fantastic! If not that’s okay. Adapt it to your schedule and do the best you can. My rides are not about being fastest, it’s not a competition, it’s about pushing myself further and reaching my goals. If I’m scheduled to do a 4 hour ride and you are spent and can’t ride anymore, that’s okay! Do your best, ride as long as you are able, and be stoked that you are pushing your limits and improving. If you need to peel off and head home that’s okay. I’ll see you at the next ride!

My main goal when training is to keep it fun. I’ve found the years I’ve performed the best at the 24 Hour are the years where I’ve kept it fun and not to serious. I recommend trying to make as many of the rides as possible as I progressively make them longer and longer.

I’m not a professional trainer by any means. The training schedule used here is based off my own preparations for mountain bike endurance races. You need to pay attention to your body. If you feel sick, or need to stop, do it. Don’t hurt yourself. Participating with me during this training is done of your own free will with the understanding that you are responsible for your own actions and the consequences of those actions. Of course, the consequences of your actions in this case will likely lead to extreme fitness, high levels of satisfactions and achievement, and likely becoming a 24 Hour race finisher!

Now on to the schedule, hope to see you there!


Introduction Ride – May 27th - Pupukea: 1 hour without stopping. Question & answer

This first ride is mostly about getting to know each other and answering any questions folks may have about the training schedule or race day itself. Having said that, we will be riding for one hour without stopping.

2 Hour Ride – June 3rd – Pupukea: 2 hours, quick stop at 1 hour to refuel

We’ll ride two hours with a very brief stop to refuel at the one hour mark. When I say brief I mean 1-2 minutes. It’s normal on a group ride to stop at the top of climbs or descents and talk story for a few minutes. We won’t be doing any of that. We’ll set a mellow pace that allows us to focus on time in the saddle and not distance covered.

2 Hour Ride – June 17th – Pupukea: 2 hours, no stopping

Two hours is short enough to allow us to ride without having to stop and refuel at all. That is the goal this ride. Two hours of non-stop riding. Be sure to eat a good breakfast so you don’t get hungry in the saddle. Of course bring water but make it something you can access while riding.

3 Hour Ride – July 1st – Pupukea: 3 hours, stopping briefly every hour to refuel

From this point on we’ll be stopping briefly every hour to refuel. Not to rest, only to refuel. We’ll be keeping a slow pace in order to last the full three hours. You’ll start to notice aches and pains you’ve never experienced if you haven’t ever sat in the saddle uninterrupted for this long.

3-4 Hour Ride, climbing – July 15th – Laie: Focus on climbing technique and building strength

We will be changing things up today. The focus will be on working on our climbing technique in the saddle and out of the saddle. We’ll also be focusing on building strength. This is not a continuous, no stopping ride. We’ll be stopping plenty, eating plenty and concentrating on piling up the elevation count.

4 Hour Ride – Aug 12th – Pupukea: 4 hours, stopping briefly ever hour to refuel

Mentally this is where is starts to get tough. Your mind will try to convince you that this is just stupid behavior and you need to stop 😊 It’s time to show it who is boss. We’ll follow the standard procedure stopping briefly every hour to refuel. Your body will ache from being in the saddle for so long but you’ll also start to build up a resistance to it.

5 Hour Ride – Aug 26th – Pupukea: 5 hours, stopping briefly every hour to refuel

Honestly, by this time adding on another hour isn’t going to be that big of a deal if you’ve participated in the previous rides. We are just slowly pushing our body a little further, bit by bit. By the end of this ride you’ll basically have completed a solo 6 hour race!

6-8 Hour Ride – Sept 9th – Pupukea: Our biggest ride yet!

This is it, our biggest ride yet. Our goal is to ride at least 6 hours but more if possible. We’ll hit 6 hours and if you can keep pushing it then by all means, let’s keep riding! During this ride you’ll experience some serious mental setbacks and will want to quit. That’s normal. There is a point in every 24 hour race where you will want to give up. I’ve found that for most folks this is around the 7-8 hour mark. Finish this ride and you’ll know that come race day, when everyone else is calling it quits, you’ll be charging on! Your training is completed, the remainder of the month is dedicated to mellow, fun rides that will allow you to recover as well as help keep your excitement high and body loose for the race.

Party Ride – Sept 23rd – Location TBD: For fun ride!

You’ve done it! Stayed focused and completely some seriously tough rides. You’ve stayed in the saddle longer than most people who ride bikes, it’s time to have some fun! We’ll pick whatever trail the group feels like riding and have a mellow but fun ride together. We’ll keep it light as the race is only two weeks away and we want to be sure to not over-do it so our bodies are fully recovered for the race. This should probably be a potluck 😊

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