Website Overhaul

Author: Mike Solis | Date: Apr 30, 2016

We've been working hard on this new site design for MTB Hawaii. Always looking for new ways to make it easier to navigate, more enjoyable to read and easier on the eyes. This time around, we spent quite a bit of time making sure it loads fast and works well on mobile devices. We like it and hope you do as well! Below we'll briefly discuss some of the features on the new site.


It was important to us that all of the content be organized well. On top of that is must be enjoyable to read. The layout for the Trail Directory, individual trails and blog entries are now much more pleasing to the eye. Everything is spaced out better and structured in a way that makes sense.

The Trail Directory is organized by Island and Sub Region. Trailforks data is built right in.

Trail Directory

Our Trail Directory is the most visited section of the website. It is essential that the directory not only be easy to read but highly accessible from every page on the website. To achieve this we built a Table of Contents for the trail directory.

The Trail Directory Quick View button is always located in the type right corner of your browser window.

To access the table of contents we've create a Quick View button which is conveniently located in the top right corner of your browser window. Clicking it will slide open the Quick View screen. This screen shows a condensed list of all our trails, including difficulty and trail type. Clicking a link will take you to that individual trails page.

The complete Trail Directory list is now available from any screen with just 1-Click.


Great images are important to any website but a mountain bike website needs to pay particular attention to displaying great images. Seriously, our trails are beautiful and our bikes are beautiful! This time around we have the ability to add photos anywhere into the content we want.

Images on the left, center and right. Images everywhere!

And my favorite is we now have the ability to display big, beautiful, full screen images about trails, for reviews or any other type of content!

Beautiful wide images are now possible.

The Trail Directory now has a beautiful new Photo Gallery that not only displays wide screen images but lets you view images fullscreen. And it works fantastic on your mobile device.

The photo gallery displays fullscreen images on both desktop and mobile.

Mobile Devices

Which brings us to our last feature, mobile compatibility. The new site has been built with your mobile phone in mind. Every page is designed to conform to your device, including the photo gallery and images, content and even the Trail Directory Quick View.

The Trail Directory Quick View is still available on your mobile device.

And that sums up all the new features available on the new site. We hope you enjoy them!

Trail Directory Quick View

Big Island

Windward Big Island

Kalopa Trails XC-AM
Kulani Trails XC

Central Big Island

Mana Road XC


Sorry but we are lazy and haven't mapped out Maui yet.

We've been a bit lazy when it comes to mapping out the trails on Maui. We'll be making several trips there this summer to get the job done. For now visit the Maui Mountain Bike Coalition homepage where they have many of Maui's trails listed.

Maui Mountain Bike Coalition