XTERRA Freedom Fest 2016 Photos

Author: Mike Solis | Date: Jun 19, 2016

This past Saturday, June 18th, competitors met at Kualoa Ranch to throw down at the 2016 XTERRA Freedom Fest. Rider's had a choice between 10, 20 and 30k races. You never know what to expect weather wise in Hawaii but this year we saw beautiful, blue, sunny skies. Big thanks to the race promoters and volunteers who sacrificed their time to give us all this chance to ride in the beautiful Kaaawa Valley!

Welcome to Kaaawa Valley. Yes, it's absolutely gorgeous.
Timing is serious business, these folks are ready to go!
Not a bad backdrop for the finish area. The Kaaawa Valley is a popular movie film destination with many major motion pictures shot here.
No race bib, can't blame folks for taking advantage of riding in the valley. We only get in here a couple of times a year.
The Bykhaus crew getting one last lap in at Kualoa before heading their separate ways this summer.
Steve Villiger, last years 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise champ. Looks like someones been training, he took first in today's race.
The locals coming out to watch the race. You can count on the cows leaving cow pies all over the course, just to let us mountain bikers know who really owns this valley.
It's impossible to hold events like this without volunteers. We love you!
Problem with racing here is you want to stop and take pictures. Hard to win races with a view like this.
Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes. This is the future of our sport right here.
The Freedom Fest course is never easy, especially the singletrack. It's wet, slippery and full of roots and rocks. Regardless, I think I see a smile.
Yup, there's the smile! Each lap on this course is an accomplishment.
Most folks think computers make timing easy. Nope, computers make timing more accurate, it still takes just as much work.
Aid stations scattered around the course, keeping riders on their bikes in the hot sun and sometimes giving folks a chance to stop and talk story.
First race, second place! Time to bring it at the 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise in September.
I've grown attached to this gorgeous tree as we've camped under it's branches these past 15 years.
Big props to the race promoters. Without all their sacrifice, we wouldn't be riding at the ranch this weekend.
Riders continue to roll in one at a time as the race comes to it's conclusion.
Both bike showers saw major action today. The sun may have been shining but a weeks worth of prior rain had certainly left a few piles of peanut butter mud on the course.
Our winners line up to claim their trophies and titles. Everyone earned it today, there was no easy option.
Another successful day at the ranch but now it's time to go home. See you in September at the 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise!
This rider made it out alive today but the same can't be said for his derailleur. Kualoa Ranch claims another victim.

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