Kuli'ou'ou Ridge

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A technical, there-and-back singletrack just outside of Honolulu.

Classification AM
Distance 3.00 miles
Difficulty Difficult
Traffic High
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About Kuli'ou'ou Ridge

Parking can be a bit tough.  There is no parking at the culdesac where the trail starts so you need to park further down the street.  The street itself is already packed full of cars.  Be sure not block any mailboxes or driveways.  Parking at the bottom and riding to the trail entrance will add some distance to your ride and help warm you up.  If you get tired riding up the steep road to the trail entrance, be warned, that was the easy part.

Once past the gate you stay left on the paved road until you see the signs on your right for Kuli'ou'ou Trail.  On the weekends the trail has a lot of pedestrian traffic.  Everyone I ran into was extremely polite.  Help promote this by being courteous and giving way to hikers.

It's about 1.5 miles to the top.  At least the top for mountain bikers.  Once you come to the green picnic tables you have reached the end.  Only hikers beyond this point.  I was perfectly fine with that.  The ride up is challenging.  The picnic area is the perfect spot to sit down, take a break and chat with all the friendly people hiking by.

You will be in trees and in the shade most of the time but be sure to bring plenty of water and a snack to compensate for all the energy you will burn.

The ride down is extremely fun.  Be sure to check your speed and watch for hikers.  The trail has many switchbacks, most of them challenging going both up and down.  Pay attention going up so you know where to take it easy coming down.  I enjoy a good downhill but there were some switchbacks that I ended up walking down.

Overall a super fun trail and extreme workout.

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