North Shore Bike Park

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Located at Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu's North Shore.

Classification XC
Distance 2.00 miles
Difficulty Easy
Traffic Low
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About North Shore Bike Park

The North Shore Bike Park at Turtle Bay is a paid access park. At this time is consists of 3 separate trails totaling 2 miles in distance. All three trails are built for beginner and ramp up in difficulty. Even the most difficult trail is comfortable and safe feeling. The 3 trails, from easiest to most challenging is Banyan Loop, Kawela Cruise and Magic Bus. Beginners can expect to spend about 30-45 minutes completing all 3 trails. More advanced riders can bang out all three trail in 20-25 minutes.

All 3 trails feel tropical. There is much to look at including the famous Banyan tree filmed during Lost, Pirates of the Caribbean and other shows. Beautiful Kawela Bay is about 50 yards from the entrance to Banyan Loop so it's easy to make a beach day of your trip.

Banyan Loop

This loop is the easiest of the three. It's wider than the others and has no steep climbs or descents. We built it to wind peacefully through the jungle. There are plenty of corners for you to practice your balancing skills. Everything is low speed and zero consequence. We built one section with some fun bumps and rollers. It's a pretty trail and nice to just cruise on.

Kawela Cruise

Kawela Cruise, named for the nearby Kawela Bay, actually has two different sections. A mellow beginner loop that definitely qualifies as an easy cruise and a more advanced outer line with some flowy benchcut trail followed by a section of whoops and rollers. 

The mellow loop climbs a short section of benchcut and flows along the coastline. Eventually you'll descend some benchcut to an intersection where you can continue left for the remainder of the beginner loop, or right to the more advanced line. The beginner loop has some fun, tight corners while the more advanced loop has fast, swooping singletrack followed by the whoops and rollers.

Magic Bus

Aptly named for the 70 year old broken down bus we built the trail around. Magic Bus is the most advanced of the 3 loops. Expect to find a couple of short but steep climbs and several short descents that will definitely get you moving faster then the other 2 trails. We basically designed this loop to be a gigantic pumptrack and more advanced riders can move through it pretty quickly pumping the rollers and berms.


There are two places to park. If you haven't paid for the yearly pass you'll need to park at Turtle Bay in order to stop by the Hele Huli Adventure Center and pick up your pass. If you do have your yearly pass, it's possible to park just off Kamehameha Hwy at the Kawela Bay Beach Access. Quite a few folks park here to go to the beach so it's relatively safe to leave a car here. You'll recognize the spot because there is a large fruit stand across Kam Hwy. Both parking spots are marked on the map further down the page.

Access Fees

Single Day Pass (with bike rental) - $50
Kama'aina Single Day Pass (brought own bike) - $5
Guest Single Day Pass (brought own bike) - $10
3 Day Pre-Arrival (must be booked before day of use) - $60
3 Day Walk-ins and Same Day - $75

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