Ohana Trail

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A beautiful new IMBA created singletrack near the town of Kailua.

Classification XC-AM
Distance 4.50 miles
Difficulty Moderate
Traffic Low-Medium
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The Oahu Mountain Bike Ohana trail associations new singletrack in Kailua is a fun, machine built flow trail with a variety of climbing and descending.

The Ohana Trail is one of Oahu's latest trail additions and the first IMBA created trail on the island. It was built by the Oahu Mountain Bike Ohana trail association and many volunteers as their first big project. You may visit their website at http://omtbo.org/.

Riding the Trail

The trail is a 4 mile singletrack that may be ridden as a There-and-Back, or a loop with an added 1.5 miles of road connecting that start and finish. The trail is machine built and pretty smooth making it accessible for most riders. There are a couple of small rock gardens and root sections but nothing scary. I think for beginners the biggest challenge will be the climbing. It's a good, solid steady climb regardless of which end you start at.

There are many fun descents, both short and longer. If I only had time to ride it one direction I would ride counter-clockwise. This is my own personal preference but I enjoy the downhills more riding it this direction. It's fun both ways but I prefer counter-clockwise. The trail is not technical but has many rollers and switchberms built into it. Advanced riders will find plenty of entertainment pumping the rollers, getting off the ground and railing berms. The switchberms are purpose built to help ease the climbing and aid in descending while controlling the speed of traffic. This is a multi-directional trail and is designed for that purpose.

The trail is relatively new so traffic is pretty light.

While it would be pretty hard to get lost on the trail, you won't see much signage. The last 1/4 mile of the trail (if running it counter-clockwise) may be a little confusing. The machine built trail stops and connects to a previously built trail called White Fence. White Fence is built over several older trails which crisscross it, hence the confusion. White Fence is more of an intermediate climb and will definitely get your heart pumping.

A friend told me to stay straight and not take any sharp right or left turns. I followed his advice and arrived at the end no problem. The good news is that at this point, even if you take a wrong turn, you'll end up on a paved access road with plenty of traffic. It's my understanding this section of the trail is unfinished but will soon be completed and easier to follow.

The Scenery

I'd say the most enjoyable part of the trail is the scenery. The Ohana Trail feels extremely tropical. There will be no doubt you are riding in Hawaii. Plan to run across some of the most unique looking vegetation you've ever seen. The trees in particular are varied and unique. At times it feels like riding in a Tim Burton movie with trees twisting around themselves and winding over the trail.

Kailua town and the ocean peek between the trees often making for pretty, scenic views.

Parking and Getting to the Trail

Most folks park at what is called Triangle Park or officially, Pohakupu Neighborhood Park. The Google directions on this page take you to that park. From there you ride down Ulumalu street, eventually crossing on an overhead bridge to Kalanianaole Street. Ride up that a ways and take a right on Old Kalanianaole Road, the trail head is just up ahead on the right. You'll see a sign that says, 'Norfolk', where the entrance is at.

Some folks park in the grass by the trail head but it's not an official parking area. I've included pics of Triangle Park and the overhead bridge crossing to help out. The Google Map below shows the ride all the way from Triangle Park and back.

Overal Impressions

Solid, fun trail with beautiful views. If flow trails are your thing, you'll love this, if singletrack is your thing, you'll love this, if you like to ride bikes, you'll love this. Folks looking for a long, technical all day adventure will likely want to ride something like Maunawili Trail close by or the Peacock to Kealia Loop on the North Shore.

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