Peacock Kealia Loop

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This 21 mile loop on Oahu's North West corner will challenge most riders.

Classification XC-AM
Distance 21.00 miles
Difficulty Difficult
Traffic Medium
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The Peacock Flats area consists of a mix of XC, AM and DH trails. Most folks ride it as either a 14 mile or 21 mile loop. This trail is not for the faint of heart. The climbs are steep and the descents are fast and technical. The first 3.5 miles of climbing is in the sun on 11% grade road. The last 1.5 miles is the gnarliest downhill on the island. Of course all of this together makes the loop one of my favorites.

Riding the Loop

The loop starts at the Dillingham Airfield Control Tower. This is also the best place to park. From there you'll head back down a road that parallels the runway. It's actually pretty cool to watch the planes take off and land while riding along. You'll also see folks dropping out of the sky as they land at the Sky Diving School at the airfield. Once back out on the main road follow it along for a couple of miles until you reach the base of the Mokuleia Access Road climb.

Mokuleia Access Road is a 3.5 mile paved climb. Normally I would hate a climb like this (paved, 11% grade, exposed to the sun) but when taken in with the entire loop, it makes for a great ride. The road switchbacks up the mountains and offers some amazing views of Oahu's North Shore. If you're a climber, prepare to be excited... At the top of the climb you'll run into a closed gate. There is a way through to the right. Pass through and take a breather. Continuing on the road for another 1/4 mile will reward you with a quick fun descent followed by another slap in the face climb and the turn off to Mokuleia Firebreak Road on the right hand side.

Mokuleia Firebreak Road is 4 miles of rolling fireroad. It's quite beautiful with great views and will continue to offer many short descents followed and quick steep climbs. The road is in pretty good condition but not good enough to make it boring. At the end of Mokuleia Firebreak Road you have a decision to make. You may either turn left and head up to Kuaokala Ridge Trail, or turn right and head down Kealia Trail (this heads back to your car at Dillingham Airfield). Left adds another 7 miles to the ride and some of the most amazing singletrack Oahu has to offer. It also adds another 1300 foot climb spread out over 4 miles.

The entire loop is packed full of beautiful views.

Kuaokala Ridge Trail is difficult to get to but worth the effort. The singletrack itself is fantastic and the view of the mountain and ocean are incredible. At the top of the trail you'll open and walk through a small gate intended to help control the wild boar. Once through the gate there is a great little lookout point for photos. To the right the trail continues. You'll head down a short, steep, technical chute and then almost immediately reach a short hike-a-bike up a rock face.  The trail continues on at the top. It's hard to express just how cool sections of this trail are... There are some corners with drop-offs that you'll want to watch for. You'll find a couple of sections you may end up hiking, both up and down. When you hit paved road you know it's over. Take a break because you've got 4 miles of climbing ahead of you.

Kuaokala Firebreak Road consists of two long fireroad climbs with a fun descent in the middle. Usually you get to this trail from Kuaokala Ride Trail. When finishing the ridge trail you run into a paved road. Head right down the road for about 50 feet and you'll see another road heading downwards off to the right. This is Kuaokala Firebreak Road. Keep climbing and climbing and climbing until you reach Kealia Trail. At this point Kealia Trail is a big fireroad, it's hard to miss.

Kealia Trail is the most gnarly downhill on the island. From Kuaokala Firebreak road you'll want to turn left down Kealia Trail. You'll know you are in the right spot because it's a steep descent. The first 1.5 miles of Kealia is wide open fireroad and it's fast! There are some surprise turns and it gets a bit rough in sections. Normally I wouldn't think twice about warning someone about a fireroad but at 40+ mph it can be treacherous. People do run and hike this section so beware.

At the end of the fireroad descent you'll run into some picnic tables. Take a break and rest up, the hard part is just beginning. The next 1.5 miles of Kealia Trail is fearsome. Looking at it from the bottom it seems impossible that it can even be ridden. It's steep, crazy technical, full of sharp switchback and plenty of jagged rocks. I should probably mention it's a cliff, you won't want to high-side off this trail. Walk what you aren't comfortable with. About 3/4 of the way down you will enter the woods. Once you finish and exit the gate at the bottom it's a short couple of hundred yards to your car where the cooler is at!

Parking and Getting to the Trail

I recommend parking at Dillingham Airfield Control Tower. It's busy and patrolled by police. It's also great to end your ride right where you parked with your food. To get to the trail you follow the pave road back around to the base of the Mokuleia Access Road climb. There is a Trailforks Route and map below that show parking and the exact route.

Some folks also park off the road at the base of Mokuleia Access Road. It's less secure though and why end your ride with 3 miles of pedaling on the road into the wind?

Overall Impressions

If you are an experienced rider who likes a challenge, don't mind a little hike-a-bike and can handle 4300 feet of climbing over 21 miles... Ride this loop! It's awesome :) I recommend bringing a phone, plenty of water and food and a GPS with the GPX below loaded onto it.

Trail GPX Files

21 Mile Loop Google Map and .GPX: Download: 21 Mile Loop GPX File

14 Mile Loop Google Map and .GPX: Download: 14 Mile Loop GPX File

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